The Tigchel heater is a "stackable" version of the Finnish masonry heater (finoven). Produced as a modular stacking system and with all the usual advantages and qualities of masonry stoves, it is ideal for DIY projects. From a construction viewpoint, this is a very easy to build masonry heater. A refractory concrete Tigchel heater comes as a complete stackable kit, including doors, ash pan and any optional extras, drawings and operating instructions. There is no bonding material as the tongue and groove parts just fit into each other and seal with heat proof fire rope. Putting the heater together will take only a couple of hours. After that, the Tigchel heater is ready to go! In the Far North, where Scandinavian insulation standards are common, this model of woodburners is often the preferred option because of its excellent heat control.  See it burn or read a photo report from testing the stove in Alaska
The system comes in various sizes and colours.