Design process

Dimensioning of your heater is important and so is functionality. You tell us what you expect your heater to do and we will give you ideas about how to achieve that goal. Masonry stoves are incredibly versatile and allow you to be creative with your ideas. We use dimensioning software that allows us to calculate exactly how long the flues inside the heater need to be and to direct the heat to where it is needed most. You may want to incorporate your heater into a wall, use it for cooking or just have somewhere to warm up your back after a long walk. Masonry stoves are flexible in their design and can match and effectively compliment any interior.

We are always open to new ideas and seek advice from architects and designers since heaters' design and styles are constantly evolving.

The outer skin of the heater - which determines the final shape - is a matter of individual preference and the design is discussed with a client to ensure full compatibility with the living environment and to make sure that customer’s aesthetic preferences are met. Traditional designs with rounded edges and smooth shapes often merge with modern ideas to create contemporary yet elegant look.

Final coat is just up to you. You can chose from lime or clay plaster, or other natural materials like clay tiles, ordinary brick or stone. Variety of different shades of clay is available.

Masonry heaters offer excellent compatibility with straw bale houses, cordwood buildings, eco houses and solar passive design houses.