Fireplace Inserts


Normally, fireplace inserts are designed to replace traditional fireplaces and provide heat, mainly by convective heating, that is, by blowing hot air into the room. Our take is slightly different - while it is possible to maintain the convective heating feature, the whole of the chimney breast can become a warm radiant surface too - and stay warm after the fire has gone out thanks to additional heat storing unit built into the chimney breast.  

HOXTER fireplace inserts conform with both of these technologies and are designed to provide both convection air, as well as charge a masonry mass or hot water heat store. They also offer a possibility of hot air distribution into other rooms. Due to innovative recent advances in burning technology all this is possible whilst maintaining high combustion efficiency with minimal smoke emissions - thanks to grateless masonry lining inside the fireboxes. For hot water boiler inserts See Here . To maximize burning efficiency and to prevent premature coolig down of the stove, fireplace inserts can be connected to Electronic Combustion Control Unit that regulates air supply during the burn.  








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