• Masonry heaters have one of the highest efficiency that can be achieved by burning wood. Combustion efficiency averages at 95%.Heat transfer efficiency of masonry heaters of the best design falls within the range of 80 to 85%. This is considerably higher than efficiency of standard metal stoves and fireplaces.
  • Masonry heaters create almost no wood smoke emissions.
  • High safety. Properly constructed masonry stoves don't produce creosote.  
  • Masonry stoves require minimal supervision and maintenance.
  • Masonry heaters are custom designed and can be faced with different materials like brick, tile or natural stone, clay rendered or lime plastered to suit any house's concept and individual preference.
  • Wood, being the most used fuel for masonry heaters (although not the only source), is a renewable source of energy that doesn't contribute to the greenhouse effect and is a sustainable choice.
  • Minimal fuel consumption. One or two fuel loads a day are sufficient to keep the heated area at comfortable temperatures throughout the day. There is no need to keep fire on all the time, the heat is stored in the masonry after the fire is out.
  • Low heating costs. Considering current prices for natural gas, propane and electricity, wood is by far the cheapest fuel available. Heating your home with wood gives you peace of mind and independence from predicted future energy crisis.
  • Independence from power cuts. With a masonry heater, no electricity is needed to keep the house warm.
  • Healthy air in the house. (No dust and dry air from air forced heating systems. No ionic imbalance common for homes heated with iron stoves.)
  • Excellent suitability for houses with solar passive design. Heaters can be also connected to hot water tank.
  • Possibility to have a multifunctional stove that together with its main heating function can bake, cook, can have heated benches etc.
  • Long lasting heat. The heater slowly releases stored heat 12-24hours after the fire is out.
  • Safe to touch. Warm surfaces are safe to touch for children ad pets.
  • Even room temperature from floor to ceiling and between rooms.
  • Radiant heat. Radiant sunshine like warmth produces the most comfortable home living environment warming up the house, furniture and people, while leaving the air fresh.