Masonry heater cores are made out of high density fire brick (chamotte) with extermelly high heat retaining capacity. Their versatility is unique and their multiple applications has been appreciated throughout Europe for decades. The basic heating capacity can be extended by adding extra layers. One or two firings a day mantains an ambient, comfortable radiant heat inside the whole house with very low wood consumption (max. 10-12kg per day) and minimum cleaning requirenmnets. Small, but highly efficient core can be installed and finished with a shell, put in a fireplace reset or left freestanding. The insert has been tested by Fraunhofer Energy Institute. For results see Downloads.

H/W/D (mm) 1200 / 620 / 460
Floor space heated 1.200-1.500 sq ft / 110-140 sq m
Output in stored heat (5kg wood) 17kw / 58.000 BTUs
Efficiency 83%
Weight 900 lb
Flue 150 mm